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  • For running dega, install docker and docker-compose on your system.

  • Clone dega from the git repository:

    git clone
  • Create env file for studio, server and api. Refer configurations.

  • There are two kinds of docker-compose files - 1) docker-compose.yml and 2) docker-compose-lite.yml. docker-compose.yml has mandatory as well as some optional services whereas docker-compose-lite.yml has only mandatory services. To know more about dega services refer this page.

  • Create a companion folder in the root directory of the project and add .env file in the companion folder. For companion environment variables refer this.

  • Create config.env inside /server and /api folder and add the environment variables. For environment variables refer config.env.example or config-lite.env.example depending on what version you are trying to install and for more information about environment variable refer this.

  • After adding the environment variables run

# for running the lite versiondocker-compose -f docker-compose-lite.yml up # for running all the servicesdocker-compose up