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Event Notification on Google Chat

Notify your team on Google Chat whenever any defined event occurs. For example, notify when a new post is published.

Webhook creation in Google Chat#

First of all, you’ll need to set up a webhook in your team’s Google Chat room. A webhook is a method for Google Chat to get incoming messages to be posted to your Google Chat room from external services.

Webhook customisation & copy URL#

Once the webhook is created, give a name for the webhook and can optionally provide the avatar URL which the webhook uses whenever it posts a message. Copy the Webhook URL at the very top.

Adding webhook to Dega#

In Dega, a webhook can be added from Webhooks Menu by clicking on New Webhook. Here, you can give a name to your webhook and paste the copied webhook URL. From the list of events supported by Dega, you can select events for which you wish to receive a notification. After selection of the events, enable the webhook and then click on the Submit button to add the Webhook.