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Having at least one space for an organization is mandatory for Dega. An organization can create one or more spaces based on permissions and requirements. The organization has a limit on the number of spaces for each organization which can be changed by requesting the from the Organisation Requests menu.

Each space has certain permissions which are managed by the admin. These permissions include a defined number of posts, media, and also enable or disable fact-checks. To change permissions for space, a request can be made from the Space Requests menu. Each space is associated with one organization.

Spaces can be created from the Space menu item by clicking on the New Space button on the right side.

The form provides the ability to add basic information for the space.

  • Organization: Organization for which space needs to be created
  • Name: Name of the space
  • Title: Title for the space
  • Tag Line: Tagline of the space
  • Website: The website information for the space
  • Description: Describes what the space is for.


To add more information about the space if the field is not included in the form. The user can use Metafields to feed in extra data as a JSON object.

After the space is created, the user can add more information about the space.

The media section allows the user to add logos and icons

  • Logo
  • Logo Mobile
  • Fav Icon
  • Mobile Icon

The contact section allows the user to add information about the social media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

The analytics section allows the user to add information to get the analytics for the space which can be viewed later in the Analytics Menu

  • Server URL
  • Domain
  • Embed Code

Code Injection section: Customizing the header and footer specific to a format can be done by adding code in this section

All the Spaces will be available under the Spaces menu. Spaces can be deleted by clicking on the Delete button. To edit a Space click on the name of the space in the list.