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Roles are like a user-group. They are useful when we manage policies. Default roles can be added by clicking Create Default Policies and Roles.

The default roles are

  • Editor
  • Contributor
  • Author

Why Roles?#

Consider you want to grant same kind of actions to a set of users. For that you have to create a policy for each of the user. As the number of users grow it will become more and more difficult to manage policies for each users. In this case you can create a role, for example: 'editor' and add the set of users to this role and create a policy with this role.

Roles can be created from the Settings menu item by clicking the Members button after that go to Roles page and then click on Create Role button.

For creating Role you need following attributes :

  • Name: Name of the role
  • Description - Description of the role

You can add users from the roles list. Click the Users button corresponding to the role you want to add user in, after that select a user and click on add user button.