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To access Dega, creating an organization is mandatory. The first organisation, created will be a Super Organisation. While a Super Organisation could be used as a normal organisation within a Dega instance, it has the following capabilities to manage the entire Dega instance:

  • The users within the Super Organisation will have access to all the other organisations and their spaces. This is for support staff to help other organisations with any support queries.
  • The admins within the Super Organisation will have admin access to the entire instance and will be able to manage the rest of the organisations and spaces. They have the ability to manage the usage limits for an oraganisation or spaces within.

There is only one Super Organisation for a Dega instance but can create multiple Organisations as per user requirements.

  • Admin of a normal organisation will have the access to manage its organisation and applications.
  • Applications to be used by an organization needs to be added from Kavach. For example, for an organisation to use Dega, it should be added from Kavach. Users can add default Faclty applications from Kavach.
  • Basic Settings for the organization are managed from Kavach. For example, adding applications, changing logos, adding users, etc.
  • The organisation users to use applications of the organisation needs to be a part of that application. Admin of the organisation can provide users access to the applications.
  • Settings for Dega for an organisation can be configured from Organisation Request by making a request.